An Introduction to Serverless Functions with Cloudflare Workers

What is the point of serverless, why Cloudflare Workers and writing your first Cloudflare Worker function.

11 Jan 20226 min


Pimp your shell with a custom prompt!

28 Dec 20211 min

Using Zigbee devices with Home Assistant

How I got more control from an IKEA Trådfri motion sensor with Home Assistant and a Zigbee dongle.

15 Aug 20217 min

Using the Elecrow 5" TFT display with Balena

How to use a cheap 5 inch display with Balena without pulling your hair out.

1 Jun 20211 min

Create a WireGuard VPN in 10 minutes with Docker

Creating a quick, easy and most importantly, secure VPN using Docker and WireGuard.

19 Oct 20204 min

Setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero W without a Display, Keyboard and Mouse

The right way to set up a Raspberry Pi Zero headlessly.

16 Apr 20204 min

Running WannaCry in a Virtual Machine

Setting up a virtual machine for safely running the WannaCry ransomware (and other malware).

28 Feb 20206 min

Drone - Continuous Integration with Containers

Setting up and exploring Drone, a container focused continuous integration tool.

23 Nov 20198 min

Switching to the Brave Browser

My experience of switching to the Brave Web Browser.

6 Apr 20193 min

Getting a ST7735 TFT Display to work with a Raspberry Pi

Getting an ST7735 TFT Display working with a Raspberry Pi.

19 Jan 20181 min

Introduction to Electron Apps

Creating a simple desktop app with JavaScript, HTML and CSS using Electron.

24 Jul 20162 min

Pi Zero Impressions

First Impressions of the new tiny £5 Raspberry Pi Zero.

29 Feb 20161 min

Installing a Custom ROM onto the 5th Generation Kindle Fire

Installing a custom Android version onto the 5th Generation Kindle Fire

27 Dec 20151 min

Hacking the 5th Generation Kindle Fire

Adding Google Apps, Rooting, Removing Bloatware and Changing the Launcher of a 5th Generation Kindle Fire

4 Oct 20152 min

Arduino Weather Logger

Creating an Arduino Weather Station.

10 Apr 20151 min

Raspberry Pi PVR

Creating a digital TV recorder and viewer with a Raspberry Pi and OpenELEC.

26 Oct 20141 min